Broadcast 313 (Special Edition)

01 Mar 2005 Dr. Pascal Lee
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Dr. Pascal Lee returned to The Space Show tonight for an active discussion covering a wide range of topics reaching as far out as Titan and as close in as places here on Earth. We discussed Mars, the rovers, and methane on the Red Planet, what it all means, and its potential impact on our space program. We discussed possible life on Mars, views about the subject within NASA, ESA, and among other science and academic groups. Additional subjects discussed included the new Moon-Mars Initiative, the Haughton-Mars project, and Phobos and why this moon would be a better initial human destination than Mars. Several questions and comments came in regarding SETI and we spent several minutes discussing SETI, its search for ET life, and then this part of the discussion was tied into the overall search for life in the solar system by all sorts of groups here on Earth from scientists to the UFO community. Dr. Lee provided us with thoughtful insights and ways to evaluate information so you will certainly want to hear his comments on this discussion. Dr. Lee invites questions and comments at or you can send them to and I will forward them to him.



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