Broadcast 502 (Special Edition)

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David Vivancos from Madrid, Spain joined us on The Space Show to discuss nanotechnology, space development, and space tourism. Mr. Vivancos gave us a good introduction and overview for nanotechnology, starting with space but also for other areas as well. For space, we discussed nanotechnology for space launch, propulsion and power, structures and materials, guidance and navigation, electronics and communications, scientific instruments and life support. We also discussed the impacts of nanotechnology for society, how it can be used for peace as well as for weapons. Mr. Vivancos gave us solid time lines as to when we will see nanotechnology showing up in space development. Listeners provided Mr. Vivancos with several interesting questions relating to the broader subject of nanotechnology, not just about space. Mr. Vivancos has two websites for you to visit, and You can send follow up email comments and questions to David at or through me at



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01 Jun 2006 David Vivancos
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