Broadcast 344 (Special Edition)

01 Jun 2005 George Tyson
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George Tyson, CEO of Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. (OCP), was the guest for this edition of The Space show. OCP is dedicated to training personnel for the commercial human space flight industry and this is the subject of this show. Mr. Tyson spoke about both the pilot training programs and the payload specialist training programs. He pointed out how he was working with the FAA to establish pilot flight training qualifications and programs similar to what exist now within the FAA and earning a pilots license. Mr. Tyson shared his thoughts and experience with us regarding how best to develop the space tourism and pilot flight training industry. In response to a listener question, Mr. Tyson discussed prestige and ego as reasons for many nations to have their own fleet of space tourism vehicles and eventually enter the space tourism business. In response to other listener questions, Mr. Tyson talked about the suborbital industry support for his ideas and he let us know who he was talking with about providing the flight training for suborbital crews. He was asked about the possibility of providing the same for space programs outside the United States. We also discussed the reaction and feedback he gets when talking to general audiences about space tourism and suborbital crew flight training. You can learn more about Orbital Commerce Project, Inc. by visiting the website at Mr. Tyson can be reached by email at Mr. Tyson is offering the suborbital space industry a unique product and approach to providing crews for their vehicles. The Space Show will follow the OCP progress and Mr. Tyson will be back with us to give us an update.



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