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Welcome to our Open Lines 2 segment 1 hour 46 minute discussion covering different space topics as discussed by callers and those sending us emails.  After the program opening and my suggesting a number of possible discussion topics, we took our first call from John in Ft. Worth.  John wanted to talk about the recent program with Dr. John Cramer and his comments on the Brandenburg GEM Theory. In the context of the GEM discussion, John mentioned EmDrive and the Woodward Mach Thrusters which Dr. Cramer talked about during our interview.  John from Ft. Worth also talked about electromagnetic theory in general, then he addressed the new Zubrin alternative propulsion concept, "The Dipole Drive: A New Concept for Space Propulsion."  Dr. Zubrin published his concept on the Centauri Dreams website on June 29, 2018.  Don't miss what John had to say about it.  We also talked about the Breakthrough Starshot interstellar technology and the NIAC awards to the Texas A&M scientists for proposing  combining laser and particle beams for interstellar flight which might be better than the current idea for Starshot which is laser light propulsion. You can read about the Texas A&M work by searching for "Combining Laser And Particle Beams For Interstellar Travel."

Our next caller was Terry from Texas.  He wanted to talk about Lop-G which he clearly does not support.  He was asking questions about the economics and cost benefit analysis and wondered if any of the costs for obit and access had been published.  I was unable to answer his question but perhaps a listener can and if so, please post the information on our blog for this show.  Before Terry signed off, he talked about the commercial crew loss ratios which has mentioned before on Space Show programs. 

In the second segment, Linda sent in an email form Denver inquiring about the Space Force. She said she was current Air Force and would like to transfer to the new Space Force if it were created.  Linda had other comments on the space force as well re the Air Force or the new military service.  What do you think about a separate military force, the Space Force?  Let us know by posting on our blog.

Kim of Moonwards called.  I was joking with her given the Mexican elections that were going on as she called and asked her which candidate for president had the strongest space program.  After learning about the Mexican Space Program or absence of such a program, Kim commented on what Ft. Worth John had to say regarding the Zubrin paper on the Dipole Drive.  I suggested sending it to Dr. Brandenburg since he actually was a plasma physicist, a profession Kim suggested in an earlier email might be appropriate to evaluate it.  I did send the paper to Dr. B Sunday night.  If I receive any interesting information from him on the dipole drive paper, I will share it with everyone. Kim and I also talked about science fiction and the TV show The Expanse came up yet again. 

Our final caller was John from Freemont.  He wanted to talk about the fusion company that I mentioned in my suggested topics remarks as the show started.  As you will hear, he did not think much of the company after visiting their website.  The company I mentioned from a article was Agni Energy Inc.  (  I'm considering inviting someone from the company on the program to talk about their plans. Freemont John also mentioned The Expanse and referred us to a new Sky and Telescope article on space debris.

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01 Jul 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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