Broadcast 664 (Special Edition)

01 Feb 2007 Dr. Fred Singer
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Dr. Fred Singer returned to The Space Show to discuss the global warming situation and to tell us more about his plans to go to Mars via its moon, Demos. The first part of the program addressed global warming as Dr. Singer has published a major new book on the subject, "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 Years." Dr. Singer and his co-author, Dennis Avery, use real science, superb examples and explanations to show why the claims that global warming is caused by mankind, greenhouse gasses and carbon are likely bogus. I strongly recommend that his book be read, but also listen to this show and listen to what the science tells us from around the world. The science, including ice cores, tree rings, recorded and other forms of history point to natural cycles for climate warming having nothing to do with carbon or greenhouse gasses. Dr. Singer answered listener questions about the science and the agendas of those promoting greenhouse/carbon/man induced global warming. This is a discussion you should not miss and its an opportunity to engage one of the world's foremost experts on the subject with your follow up questions and comments. The second part of the show focused more on Mars and why we should consider going to Mars by means of landing and placing a scientific outpost on its moon Demos. Dr. Singer's plan is simple, direct, less costly, and can certainly be implemented faster than plans to put humans directly on Mars. Listen to what he says about this type of program and why it needs to be implemented sooner rather than later. He responded to several listener questions on the topic and is available to continue to accept your comments and questions by email. His website is which is for the Science & Environmental Policy Project. Dr. Singer publishes an excellent bi-monthly global warming newsletter which is available for free on his website by clicking The Week That Was (TWTW). His website contains other items of interest from books we might want to read to information on his Mars program and ideas. You can email Dr. Singer at or as always through me at Again, I strongly recommend that you buy and read his book, "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years." If you want to know science, truth and facts about this issue, this is the book to read.



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