Broadcast 842 (Special Edition)

01 Dec 2007 Dr. Young K. Bae
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Dr. Young K. Bae was the guest for this Space Show program to provide us with important updates on his groundbreaking work with photonic laser thrusters. You can follow along with this discussion by visiting his website, Dr. Bae received many listener questions about photonic laser thrusters as well as his work on fusion energy. One listener asked about ISP or his photonic laser thrusters while another took it a step further and asked Dr. Bae about other ways to judge efficiency and power. You will certainly want to hear this discussion as it will help in understanding the potential of photonic laser thrusters for space applications. While a good part of our discussion was addressing the physics involved in Dr. Bae's work, listeners without the hard science background should have no problem following along and appreciating Dr. Bae's work. Another listener asked him about his focus on the need to be economic in ones work and findings. I asked him about this and again, his response is one you certainly will want to hear. In response to questions about investors, he does consider private qualified investors, but he also applies for and receives grants from various public sources of funding. He said that the private funding is also a facilitator of public funding. Dr. Bae is interested in more outreach and even presenting his work at space advocate conferences, not just those that are peer reviewed. The Los Angeles Times did an article on his work and discovery on Sept. 30, 2007. When word got out about his progress, his website received over 100,000 hits from interested people everywhere! If you want a copy of the September 30, 2007 Los Angeles Times article and cannot find it on their web site, you can request it from Dr. Bae or send a note to and I will forward it to you. While this review has focused on his photonic laser thrusters, you must hear what Dr. Bae says and does regarding fusion research and fusion in our future. If you want to send Dr. Bae a comment or follow up question, you can do so through the contact link on his website which is at Be sure to mention The Space Show program in your comments.



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