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Guests: Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, Peter Montgomery. Topics: AIAA Space 2010 Conference and programs. We welcomed both Dr. Klaus Dannenberg and Peter Montgomery to the program to tell us about this year's AIAA Space 2010 Conference from August 30-Sept. 2 in Anaheim, California. For more information, please see the AIAA conference website at This was a one hour discussion without any breaks. Our interview started with Dr. Dannenberg, the Deputy Executive Director and Chief Strategy Office of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) telling us about the organization and this conference. We then brought in Peter Montgomery who is serving as this year's Technical Program Chairman of Space 2010. One of the first and most important items discussed was the theme for this year's conference, Imagine, Innovate, Collaborate. Throughout our discussion, we referred to this theme as we discussed the programming, technical sessions, keynote speakers, and educational outreach programs for Space 2010. In fact, the Imagine part of the theme was given us as something new for this year and it was a driving force for the entire conference and its development. In keeping with the theme, we learned from our guests that the focus and discussions for Space 2010 zero in on four primary areas: NewSpace, National Security Space, Space Robotics, and Space Colonization. Several listener questions asked about how this conference and AIAA had changed or even evolved over the years. Both our guests responded to this line of questions as did. Don't miss what was said by all three of us. Our guests also spoke about speakers and specifically the key opening speaker addressing creativity, Bran Ferren, Co-Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Applied Minds, Inc., Glendale, CA. The Plenary Session on Tuesday addresses The Next Fifty Years with a panel consisting of NASA's Lori Garver, Gwynne Shotwell from Space X, General Kehler, USAF, and others. This particular panel is to be moderated by Marion Blakey, President and CEO, Aerospace Industries Association, Arlington, VA. Education Ally was discussed. Those wanting to attend Education Ally should register but it is free. Please visit this URL for more information: Other conference topics mentioned by our two guests included sessions on Earth observation, spaceports, and for the first time, cyber space. We also spoke about the conference logistics, registration, and Anaheim being a great location for bringing families along given all the activities in the area. If you have any conference questions, please send them to If you have specific questions for our two guests, please forward them through me at



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01 Aug 2010 Dr. Klaus Dannenberg, Peter Montgomery
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