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Guest: David Dunlop, the Director of Project Development for The Moon Society (, was the guest for this special two hour program. We started our discussion talking with David about why we should be returning to the Moon rather than going to Mars or a NEO. Listen to what he says and see if you agree. Also, would you go to the Moon to have a McDonalds' hamburger for lunch? He invites one of our listeners to do this and you will want to hear this somewhat playful discussion as well. One listener asked about radiation problems on both Mars and the Moon and inquired if there were lava tubes for radiation protection to be found on the Moon. David put forth several working theories on how lunar explorers would be able to be protected from radiation, including when they go on EV excursions. You will want to hear what he has to say. We also had a comprehensive discussion regarding why we should continue to support space versus other priorities for our nation. This came about because of a potential guest whom I am working to bring on the show although he has no use for space. We talked about presenting an advocate's case for the Moon and space development to such a person to see if we could change the perspective of one who does not believe public space expenditures are worthwhile. You will want to listen to this discussion and the listener phone call as well as email comments that this conversation generated. Later in the show, David Dunlop spoke to us extensively about the Moon Society University of Luna Project. This project generated many questions, so don't miss it. Other listeners challenged him and asked him questions pertaining to political policy and how to once again rekindle space as a priority within government. Listeners wanted him to suggest ways to get politicians to care again about space. You can send your comments or questions to David Dunlop at



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01 Apr 2008 David A. Dunlop
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