Broadcast 693 (Special Edition)

01 Apr 2007 Dr. William Rowe
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Dr. William Rowe returned to The Space Show today to discuss new information regarding the toxicity of lunar dust. Dr. Rowe recently had his paper on the subject published in the peer reviewed British Interplanetary Journal. The paper is available on Dr. Rowe's website, I urge all of you to read the paper as you listen to the show or before this program as it will add to the understanding of what Dr. Rowe is referencing and talking about. As he takes us through the dust problems, we also discuss the known medical impact of urban dust on the lungs and cardio human systems, he then explains why lunar dust is even worse. The particular model used for Dr. Rowe's research centers on Apollo 15 with Astronauts James Irwin and David Scott. Dr. Rowe,a board certified internist and medical researcher, goes through the known medical data for Irwin but the data for Col. Scott is still held private. The ramifications for Dr. Rowe's research regarding human factors for space is in who is selected to settle on the Moon and Mars. As a result of listener questions, he does make a difference with space tourism, short orbital visits, even short lunar visits. He is mostly concerned with long term space settlement. His analysis is sure to cut against the grain with many space supporters as his thesis is that we need to carefully select future astronauts at very early ages based on specific medical criteria. Listen to his discussion and feel free to offer him your comments or questions. Dr. Rowe discussed many other medical issues regarding space including differences with men and women, iron, magnesium, oxygen, and pharmaceuticals. You can find out more about these subjects from his website, His email address from his website is As always, you can send your comments and questions for Dr. Rowe through me at


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