Broadcast 469 (Special Edition)

Dr. Madhu Thangavelu returned as guest for this Space Show program. We began our discussion with Dr. Thangavelu in-depth analysis of the proposal to send people back to the Moon and the ESAS Report. Our guest outline both the good and the bad, the most important and what has been omitted in the RTM discussion. He especially focused on what to do once we get back to the Moon. We also discussed his views on space tourism and you will find his comments on suborbital and orbital tourism to be illuminating and interesting. We discussed the architecture being planned for RTM and much more.

Broadcast 451 (Special Edition)

Rand Simberg returned for this Space Show program. As always, Rand is full of current information, important insights, realistic and grounded perspectives and a real treat to have as a gues on the program. We discussed the RTM program, its benefits and flaws, architecture, heavy lift, costs, economics, and future. We also heard Rand's preferred way of returning to the Moon so listen in to hear the differences! With questions from listeners as well as from me, Mr.

Broadcast 349 (Special Edition)

Jeff Feige was the guest for this special Monday night Space Show program to discuss the coming Return to the Moon (RTM) Conference in Las Vegas, NV. RTM is sponsored by The Space Frontier Foundation and will take place from July 21-23, 2005. Mr Feige shared with us the importance of the agenda for the conference and the relationship that the conference is striving to build with Nasa and the alt.space community. We discussed various speakers, panels, and topics, as well as displays that will be presented at RTM.

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