Broadcast 1381 (Special Edition)

Guest: Joe Vogel. Topics: Boeing X-51A Waverider, hypersonics, scramjets. We welcomed the Program Manager for the X-51A Hypersonic Flight Vehicle, Joseph T. Vogel, who is also the Director of Hypersonics in Boeing Phantom Works/Defense Space & Security. In our first segment, we started off with some basic descriptions and definitions for hypersonic vehicles, scramjets, ramjets, along with the mission profile for flight testing X-51A. We discussed the fuels used, the temperatures reached in flight, flight parameters as well as the results of the first flight.

Broadcast 1304 (Special Edition)

Guests: Classroom guest panelist Paul Breed with co-hosts Dr. Livingston, Dr. John Jurist, Dr. Jim Logan. Topics: The Rocket Equation and why it matters. Welcome to Lesson 2 The Rocket Equation in our Space Show Classroom series. This nearly two hour program focused on The Rocket Equation, how to understand it, use it, and why we build and launch rockets the way we do.

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