Parabolic Arc

Broadcast 3861 Open Lines

Guest:  Open Lines;  Topics:  Multiple topics with several callers ranging from congressional UAP hearings, a recent edition of the Theory of Everything podcast, upcoming Space Show guests, the Big Bang, ending the ISS, Russia, national security space and the private sector and much more.

Broadcast 3645 Doug Messier of Parabolic Arc

We welcomed Doug Messier back to the program for a 94 minute discussion starting out with the success of the Perseverance Mars rover landing earlier in the day.  Most of the first segment was devoted to Perseverance, the various science experiments plans, the onboard hardware and instruments such as the helicopter, microphones, advanced cameras, MOXIE to make O2 out of the Martian atmosphere plus more.  Listen as Doug and callers/emailers discuss the instrument package, the experiments and the search for possible past life on Mars.  Also discussed was the landing site, Jezero Crater, plus t


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