orbital space tourism

Broadcast 1160 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Joseph Pelton. Topics: Space tourism, commercial space development, space plane safety, space economics. Dr. Joseph Pelton returned to The Space Show today to discuss his new book published by Apogee, "License To Orbit: The Future Of Commercial Space Travel." His co-author was Peter Marshall from the UK. This book is available at most book stores and online sites, including Amazon and the One Giant Leap Foundation website.

Broadcast 1015 (Special Edition)

Guests: Diane Murphy, VP of Marketing and Communications, and Max Vozoff, Senior Mission Manager, both for SpaceX, were the guests for the first segment of this AIAA Space 2008 program in San Diego, CA. We start this first segment talking with Diane about the new developments with SpaceX and her joining the company as VP of Marketing and Communications. We then turned our focus to Max to talk with us about Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Dragon, and COTS. Max answered many technical questions and provided us with much information.

Broadcast 459 (Special Edition)

Randa and Roderick Milliron of Interorbital Systems were the special guests for this Space Show program. Interorbital Systems (www.interorbital.com) is planning orbital space tourism, eventual lunar visits and an even futuristic space tourism mission to Venus. During this interview, Randa and Rod explain their unique offshore ocean launching system, the selected launch sites, their progress with AST and other regulatory issues, their time line, and their plan to sell tickets for space tourism now at a discounted price.


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