orbit construction

Broadcast 475 (Special Edition)

Dr. Tom Jones was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Jones began the interview speaking about his new book, "Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Memoir." This is an exceptional book and it provided the basics for this program as we discussed space walking, on orbit construction, our spiritual connection to space, space food, exercise in space, space suits, even the astronaut's family remaining back here on Earth and the effect of the launch and space mission on the family staying behind. We also discussed the VSE and Dr.

Broadcast 418 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to The Space Show for this program. We discussed on orbit construction and its economics, its applications, and how to do it profitably with the private sector. We also discussed heavy lift, its application with the Vision regarding returning to the Moon and going on to Mars. Dennis also brought to our attention new developments and discoveries on the Moon regarding the findings and conclusions as stated in his recent book, "Moonrush. " Mr. Wingo stressed the need for visionary capitalists for developing segments of the space private sector.

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