Broadcast 1139 (Special Edition)

Guest: Pharis E. Williams. Topics: fusion, Superluminal Space Craft, science funding, propulsion. Our guest today was Pharis E. Williams and our subject was out of the box scientific and propulsion theories. We started our discussion with the two papers Pharis delivered at this year's SPESIF conference. The first was "Fusion for Earth and Space." Here, Pharis talked about the potential of fusing deuterium nuclei in helium nuclei to create a different model of fusion.

Broadcast 1046 (Special Edition)

Guest: Brian Hanley was the guest for this Space Show program addressing the issue of bioterrorism. Our far ranging discussion covered not just the subject of bioterrorism and its agents such as anthrax, but how the health care system and public health are primary biodefense. As you will hear, natural disease is a far greater killer than bioterrorism has yet been, and a greater killer than wars also. Brian explained in some detail the risks we face because of our current public health system.

Broadcast 974 (Special Edition)

Guests: Dennis Wingo for the first hour followed by Donald Beattie for the second hour. ________________________________________________________ Guest : Dennis Wingo was our guest for this session of the Space Show TV program. We started the interview with a discussion on lunar commerce and why Dennis and others believe we need to develop the Moon for the benefit of us all here on Earth. We also discussed extending he life of the ISS. Dennis repeated the need for frequent access to space and the ISS, identifying some important potential markets.

Broadcast 407 (Special Edition)

Dr. David Criswell returned to The Space Show for this program to discuss in greater detail his plans for commercial lunar solar power power. Dr. Criswell, assisted by listener questions and calls, outlined how such plans could work, the quantity of energy that could be delivered with such a system, the state of our technology and engineering today to have such a system in place, the timing, and the costs. We also discussed the economic feasibility of even a pilot program, the likelihood of the public sector doing such a program, the private sector, or both. Dr.

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