Broadcast 1557 (Special Edition)

13 May 2011 Janice Dunn
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Guest: Janice Dunn. Topics: California Space Authority, California Space Day, California Space Center. You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. We welcomed Ms. Janice Dunn of the California Space Authority (CSA) to the program to discuss the upcoming California Space Day of lobbying with the California legislature as well as providing us with an update on the development of the California Space Center. During our first segment, we discussed California Space Day. Not only did we highlight why its important, even for people outside of California, but also as to how members of the legislature are selected for CSA visits, the issues we focus upon, how best to talk to members of the legislature, along with registration details which can be found at This year's Space Day is Tuesday, May 24 so for those interested in participating, prompt registration is a must. During this segment, Janice talked about the size, capacity, potential and power of the California space economy. We also talked about how the industry was holding up in terms of workforce layoff issues as compared to other space states. Vocational or tech education was part of our discussion as was the community college system and California workforce issues and student educational and career opportunities. In the second segment, we talked about the California Space Center which will be located in Lompoc, California just outside of Vandenberg AFB. Visit to see the plans for the Space Center and supporting information for helping out with the program. This will be an interactive museum, 5th graders will be part of the target market because that is when their school curriculum starts studying the planets and related subjects. Janice described the programs that will be at the Center, the office park that already has a Space X commitment, and the educational and outreach programs for additional students, teachers, and space related programming. We also talked about fundraising for the project. In our third segment, Janice talked about the CSA effort with the California congressional delegation in Washington, DC which consists of 55 members. We learned that CSA has a satellite office at NASA Ames, and we rounded off our discussion with CSA membership details and opportunities. If you have comments or questions for Janice Dunn about this discussion, do post them on the blog URL above. Ms. Dunn can be emailed at Do visit the CSA website for more information about this organization and its programming,



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