Broadcast 1491 (Special Edition)

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Guest: Jim Lewis. Topics: Deep Space Communications and Virtual Teleportation, a new business venture. Please note that you are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. Check for more information. You can read more about virtual teleportation at In our first segment, Jim introduced us to the Deep Space Communication Network he set up to send messages to space, including many Space Show messages over the years. He then discussed their new project, virtual teleportation. There is an EBay auction for the project so if interested, search EBay for Virtual Teleportation into Space. Jim took us through the process of being able to virtually teleport a person into space, including all the medical, historical, and psychological profiling done to make sure the DNA is supplemented by sufficient data to reassemble the person by an advanced intelligence, assuming such ET intelligence exists. He also mentioned that the data was being securely stored here on Earth for 30 years. Jim explained the make up of the $40,000 price for this service as it does entail many participants to make sure the message can be sent to deep space. Listeners asked Jim about family packages, doing this for pets, and more. He said they were open and flexible as this was very new for them too. It is being test marketed using an EBay auction. Charles called in to ask about transmissions using laser diode rather than RF and this brought up a discussion of transmitting off Earth. As you will hear, since the transmissions use RF, there is not much to be gained by doing it off Earth. We also talked about the power range of the transmissions, the fact that they travel about 4-5 light years, and that its estimated that it will take about twenty minutes to transmit the virtual teleportation data. In our second segment, we inquired about possible ITAR regulations and ideas for broadening the market appeal for those interested in doing virtual teleportation. We then switched topics for a health condition of the space coast since Jim is located at the Cape. He gave us a good summary of what was going on along the Space Coast, including shuttle, Falcon 9, commercial space, and layoffs. Later in the segment, Alice asked if there was anyway to get feedback once the signal was transmitted. Unfortunately, once its transmitted, there is no feedback or information as to what happens to it. I asked Jim about his space documentary TV making and if that business was changing or declining given the condition of the economy and the space industry. As you will hear, there appears to be a lessening of interest among the public and the networks for space programming. If you have questions or comments about the virtual teleportation, deep space messages, or anything else discussed, please post them on The Space Show blog. You can also email Jim Lewis at



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07 Jan 2011 Jim Lewis
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