Broadcast 1581 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

17 Aug 2009 Dr. Richard L. Brown
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DEEP SPACE MESSAGE: Hello to anyone listening out there and Space Show listeners. I'm the host of The Space Show, Dr. David Livingston, and The Space Show is now bringing you another Deep Space Message. This message comes to you from Dick Brown of Dallas, Texas on behalf of The Space Show, we appreciate your participating in our Deep Space Program. A summary statement for Dick Brown's Deep Space Message is "Help us to help ourselves out of "this mess!" Please listen to his full message. The Space Show wants to Thank Dick Brown for this important deep space message for the benefit of all on the space show, of all mankind and humanity and for anyone listening as this deep space message is transmitted to the solar system. Its a message for us all and our interstellar community. Dick, thanks on behalf of The Space Show.



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