Broadcast 1216 (Special Edition)

31 Aug 2009 Paul Lithgow
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Guest: Paul Lithgow. Topics: aerospace engineering, micro & nanosatellite technology, Comtech AeroAstro opportunities. The Space Show sat down with Comtech AeroAstro President Paul Lithgow at the recent SmallSat Conference at Utah State University in Logan, Utah for this interview. We were joined by Space Show friend and One Giant Leap Foundation Board Member, Dr. John Jurist. I first learned of Comtech AeroAstro at the most recent Responsive Space Conference and arranged to meet Mr. Lithgow during SmallSat and talk small satellite and space security business with him. This program is a one hour program designed to fit the KKNW 1150 AM Monday show requirements. During our discussion with Mr. Lithgow, we covered many topics including career opportunities, especially for college graduates, with Comtech AeroAstro, as well as the business and market for micro and nano satellites. Aerospace engineering was an important topic as was space policy, the role of space in our national security, and the importance of STEM education and our need to turn out more engineers. Comtech AeroAstro is a great example, a terrific role model of the type of space company you hear me talk about frequently on The Space Show that I meet at SmallSat and Responsive Space. As you will hear during our discussion with Mr. Lithgow, not only does the company do the engineering and make the products, they understand the business, the markets, financing, and all the components required to be a successful commercial space business. You will also want to hear what Paul had to say about regulation creep, mission failure concerns, and risk tolerance. While this is a short interview in terms of time, its action packed with important information. It’s a program you will not want to miss. If you have a question or comment for Paul Lithgow, or if you want to learn more about Comtech AeroAstro, send an email to . Please make sure you reference The Space Show with Mr. Lithgow in the subject line of your email.



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