Broadcast 2240 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

07 May 2014 Walter Cunningham
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Guest Speaker: Walter Cunningham. Topics: Walt's Apollo 7 & Skylab experiences, STEM & student inspiration. Please note that this talk by Walt Cunningham was recorded live at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana on Friday, April 4, 2014. The copyright for this program/talk is held by Dr. John Jurist and Rocky Mountain College. Both Dr. Jurist and Rocky Mountain College have given permission for The Space Show/One Giant Leap Foundation to archive the talk on The Space Show website and blog as an audio only file and The Space Show Vimeo channel for the video presentation of Walt's comments. All questions and comments about this program should be addressed to Dr. Jurist in care of The Space Show mailing or email address per The Space Show website ( Walt was welcomed to Rocky Mountain University and began his 66 minute talk. During his talk to Rocky students and invited guests, the well known and highly regarded Apollo 7 astronaut discussed a variety of topics in this Rocky Mountain College public forum. He talked about the significance of the Apollo 7 mission, its "firsts," what it was like to fly in space, his views on the global warming controversy, and why it is important for citizens to evaluate the data and draw their own conclusions on public issues with a scientific basis rather than necessarily trusting the pronouncements of journalists and politicians. Walt's talk was very well received by Rocky students and the public and received appropriate press coverage in Billings and throughout Montana. If you want to contact Walt Cunningham, please do so through Dr. Jurist.



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