New Mexico Spaceport

Broadcast 1108 (Special Edition)

Guest: Rosanna Sattler, Atty. Topics: spaceflight participants, informed consent, liability issues, assumption of risk. Rosanna Sattler returned for this Space Show program to discuss spaceflight liability for companies and spaceflight participants. Our discussion started out with an understanding of the various terrestrial liability, tort, and other laws in place that will likely apply to commercial spaceflight.

Broadcast 930 (Special Edition)

Guest: George Whitesides returned for this special Space Show program to discuss the upcoming ISDC conference, May 29-June 1 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC. However, the Space Investment Summit will be held at the same hotel on May 28 and anyone attending ISDC should fill out the special registration for the Summit and attend it as well. The ISDC website for further information is During the ISDC segment of the program, George talked about the keynote speakers and several of the planned panel discussions.

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