National Association of Rocketry

Broadcast 1202 (Special Edition)

Guest: Leonard Johnson. Topics: Team America Rocketry, NASA, high powered rocketry, STEM education. Our guest for this Space Show program was Lt. Leonard Johnson who, as an Illinois fire-fighter and paramedic, responded to the 9/11 Ground Zero and Katrina tragedies. We started off segment 1 by asking Len for his thoughts, perceptions, and experiences in working at Ground Zero and then in helping out with the Katrina tragedy. I believe you will find the sharing of his experiences and perceptions with us to be instructive, valuable, moving, and important.

Broadcast 1159 (Special Edition)

Guests: Neil McGilvray & Bob Utley. Topics: High powered rocketry, Rockets Magazine, rocket engine certification, Merchant Marine, Somali pirates. Neil McGilvray and Bob Utley were our guests for this Space Show program which focused on high powered model rocketry, also referred to as hobby or amateur rocketry. We discussed the need to be credentialed by either Tripoli or the National Association of Rocketry to be able to fly H and larger rocket engines.

Broadcast 1157 (Special Edition)

Guest: Steve Eves. Topics: high powered rocketry, Saturn V, Apollo, U.S. Space & Rocket Center. Steve Eves was our guest today to discuss his recent and very successful launch of his 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket he built in his garage in Ohio and flew to 4,400 feet on April 25, 2009 at the Eugene Higgs Farm in Maryland. The scale model Saturn V rocket will soon be part of the Saturn V display at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center pending final negotiations with Steve.

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