Broadcast 916 (Special Edition)

Guest: Matt Hancher was the guest for this special Wednesday Space Show program. We began our discussion with an explanation of the Yuri's Night global celebrations. For more information on this event, please visit their main web page From their website, you can find where the parties are located in the United States as well as around the world. If you find there is no party near you, you can start one. Just follow the instructions on the website and add your party's information.

Broadcast 891 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bruce Pittman. Bruce Pittman returned to The Space Show to talk about fusion energy, specifically aneutronic fusion from hydrogen (Deuterium) and Boron. During the program, Bruce explained the difference between the ITER/Tokamak approach to fusion vs. aneutronic fusion. Aneutronic fusion is fusion which does not release very much energy in neutrons so it reduces the need for radiation protection. Next, we discussed the funding of this as well as other fusion projects . He told us about the continued funding of fusion projects even though little progress has been made.

Broadcast 748 (Special Edition)

Dr. Pete Worden was the guest on this Space Show program for the first hour, followed by Open Lines. In talking with Dr. Worden, we began the interview with the changes that have taken place with NASA Ames since Dr. Worden became its director. We covered many topics from support of the VSE, Devon Island, and astrobiology. Dr. Worden updated us on several Ames priorities which include software for the constellation program, thermal protection, robotics as the lead for the L-Cross Mission in 2008,and much more. Listeners asked many questions including why we should be going to the Moon.


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