Lunar settlement

Broadcast 3775: The Annual You Can Be A Guest On The Space Show Program

Guest: Open Lines and auditions hosted by Dr. David Livingston; We addressed the latest with UAPs, SLS and the government, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, space farming, the O'Neill Settlement Game The High Frontier (, Ryan's call on wanting to be a Space Show guest on his ides for "downshifting to a space economy."

Broadcast 3680 Rod Pyle & Aggie Kobrin

ALERT::  Listeners: This program is archived and podcasting.  Unfortunately, we experienced a serioud phone line and audio interruption.  I have repaired the file, no part of the program was lost but for the repair I had to rely on a fail safe backup to a digital recorder using a chip.  The audio for the recorder is not as good as regular Space Show audio but the caller and speaker can be understood.  The impacted segment starts around 32 minutes 33 seconds (all computers show different times so this is approximate( running for about seven minutes.  Once we were back on air


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