Broadcast 1054 (Special Edition)

Guest: Alfred Zaehringer was the guest for this replay program, first on Jan. 4, 2005 and then again on April 12, 2005. During the first segment of the show from January 2005, Mr. Zaehringer focused on rocket economics, explaining in detail why it is difficult and maybe impossible to substantially lower the cost of getting to LEO, the Moon, or anywhere in space with a chemical rocket. Mr. Zaehringer afforded Space Show listeners a unique opportunity to hear a different perspective, one steeped in science, engineering, and rocket know-how.

Broadcast 614 (Special Edition)

Dennis Wingo returned to the program to discuss the importance of space vision, politics, national security, and the politics of limitation and reduced technology. This program provides listeners with a thorough analysis of the importance of space in supporting the future of humanity. Its largely a big picture vision program though we did talk about specific projects and subjects. For example, Dennis explained why from his analysis, low cost access to LEO is not that important in furthering space commerce.

Broadcast 541 (Special Edition)

Dr. Marcelo Vazquez was the special guest for this Space Show program. This program focused on cosmic radiation, how to shield for it to protect astronauts, what it is, what it does, what is the state of the art in handling cosmic radiation, what does the future hold for long term space flight or settlement and much more. Dr. Vazquez answered many listener questions, compared radiation on the Moon with Mars and in deep space as well as LEO. We also talked cosmic radiation versus other types of radiation, the use of radiation for medical treatment, Ozone shielding, etc.

Broadcast 524 (Special Edition)

Dr. Jordin Kare returned to The Space Show to update us on laser launch. Laser launch, as we learned from Dr. Kare, is making progress and the price for components is coming down. In this program, we learned the basics and the theory behind laser launch, we discussed many of its applications from LEO uses, to launching nuclear waste to deep space, to space solar power, and to playing a significant role in the VSE in conjunction with on orbit construction. We discussed the economics of laser launch and how it supports the space elevator.

Broadcast 416 (Special Edition)

Ms. Irene Schneider was the guest for this Space Show program. We focused the interview on radiation issues regarding the human exploration of Mars. As part of this discussion, space radiation in general was discussed in some detail, starting in LEO, going to the Moon, staying on the Moon, Mars, settling on Mars, and elsewhere in space. We also talked about what makes a planet habitable and Ms. Schneider's thesis research topic which addresses the evolution Mars as a habitable climate and place for some sort of biological life to have existed in the past.

Broadcast 326 (Special Edition)

Alfred Zaehringer returned as the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Zaehringer focused on rocket economics during the program, explaining in detail why it is difficult and maybe impossible to substantially lower the cost of getting to LEO, the Moon, or anyplace in space using chemical rockets. In response to his earlier appearance on the program Jan. 4th of this year, Mr. Zaehringer was asked a series of follow up questions exploring possibilities for reducing launch costs to the next lower level, $1,000 per pound to LEO.

Broadcast 75 (Special Edition) Dr. Brad Edwards

Dr. Brad Edwards, The Space Elevator. Dr. Edwards explains the space elevator concept which is a revolutionary low-cost proposal for moving people and payloads into Earth orbit and then outward into space. His discussion includes mention of Eureka Scientific, the company aiding researchers with their space elevator efforts, along with explaining the concept of the "ribbon" which will stretch 62,000 miles from Earth to space, anchored here on Earth to an offshore sea floating platform near the equator in the South Pacific. In addition, Dr.


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