Jules Verne

Broadcast 1414 (Special Edition)

Guest: Timothy Dooley. Topics: Victorian Space Age. We welcomes for the first time to the show Tim Dooley to talk with us about the Victorian Space Age. While this program was in three segments, this description will not be by segment as the majority of our topics crossed segment lines. Tim makes models of space and space related vehicles mentioned in stories by Jules Verne. He takes liberty with his designs, often bringing in some additional aspects not specifically part of the Verne story line or Victorian period.

Broadcast 1075 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Nader Elhefnawy returned to The Space Show to discuss the role of space throughout literature. As you will hear, space in one form or another has been part of literature since early times although it is not normally considered as a destination or place. In addition, now it's almost exclusively found in science fiction and this genre is waning in interest and popularity. You will want to hear what Dr. Elhefnawy has to say about this throughout this program.

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