Broadcast 613 (Special Edition)

Brent Sherwood was the guest for this special two hour Space Show program. Mr. Sherwood is a space architect with JPL who has an interest in figuring out what we will do when we return to the Moon, what we can and what we should do on the Moon, he knows about closed loop systems which we will need for lunar and all space settlement and transportation, and he has intriguing theories about the way nations choose their public space programs. We discussed all of these areas with Mr. Sherwood and much more.

Broadcast 611 (Special Edition)

Joan Horvath returned to The Space Show to discuss her new book, "Saturn: A New View." We started the discussion with a short review of the Personal Spaceflight Symposium and the X Prize Cup held last week in Las Cruces, NM. After returning from the first break, Joan talked with us about the book, the cooperation involved to put it together, the amazing photos used in it and the editing process to put the photos and book together. We then discussed the VSE, NASA, JPL, science funding and programming, science education in the United States and more.

Broadcast 600 (Special Edition)

Robert Zimmerman returned as guest for this Space Show program. In this program, Robert is sure to delight and offend listeners given his strong statements and passions about issues discussed. Some of these issues concern the NASA science programming, JPL, politics, and more. In addition, he provided us with insights on the Russian space program, the CEV and COTS programs and much more.

Broadcast 517 (Special Edition)

Sir Charles W. Shults III returned for this Space Show program. Sir Charles began the interview talking about new fossil discoveries on Mars, how he identifies the fossils, the source NASA photography, and what it means for finding fossils on Mars. He even addressed why this information is not discussed by NASA or JPL at this time. As part of this discussion, we talked about various salts and water on Mars, the atmosphere, and color photography showing us what we think are realistic colored photographs of the Red Planet.

Broadcast 510 (Special Edition)

Donna Shirley was the guest for this special Space Show program which aired originally on Friday, June 16, 2006. We began our two hour discussion with Ms. Shirley about the state of the NASA science budget and cuts within science programming to facilitate the VSE. As part of this discussion, Ms. Shirley explained the budget and science process given her JPL experience, the politics of these issues, and the constraints faced by Dr. Griffin and others. We spoke about cost overruns with the James Webb telescope, the ISS, and the Space Shuttle.

Broadcast 433 (Special Edition)

Sir Charles Shults returned to The Space Show to discuss Mars findings in some depth. However, before getting underway with the Mars information, given the fusion background of Sir Charles, the program kicked off with an update of where we are with fusion reaction, reactors, research, and what is ahead for the near-term regarding fusion. You will want to hear this fusion update if you are at all interested in the subject. After the fusion update, we turned our attention to Mars.

Broadcast 188 (Special Edition)

Leonard David, the senior space writer for is the guest for this edition of the Space Show. We talk about the latest with the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, how JPL works and handles these two rover missions, his free and unfettered access to both data and JPL employees so that he can report and bring to everyone the latest on what is being discovered about Mars from these rovers. Mr. David also talks about his own views on the rovers, Mars, the type of e-mail he gets from interested parties worldwide, and his views on the Bush space policy initiative.


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