John Jossy

Broadcast 4103: John Jossy

Guest: John Jossy. Topics:  The overall theme for this program was “Why Settle Space” per the blog Space Settlement Progress by John Jossy. We discussed the many contributing settlement vision statements submitted to John’s blog. The post is also on TSS blog for this show.  Check it out to read the mission statements submitted. Additional questions on various topics were fielded re the vision statements and ideas.

Broadcast 3673 AIAA SF Chapter: "The Space Show Behind The Scenes"


 This is the archived program, both audio and video, of The AIAA SF Northern California Chapter program from April 1, 2021 titled "The Space Show Behind The Scenes."  During this webinar, I was interviewed about The Space Show by John Jossy and Kim Holder.  Our moderator, Eric Wahl, also asked questions, then at the end of the interview, he brought in questions from the audience attending the webinar. 


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