International Space Station

Broadcast 2686 Dr. Bruce Cordell

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Broadcast 1260 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Jim Vedda. Topics: Space policy and goals. We were most fortunate to have as our guest for this program, Dr. Jim Vedda. Our two hour discussion was wide ranging over many aspects of both U.S. and global space policy. In our first segment, Dr. Vedda talked about the "why" of space policy in the final chapter of the Augustine Commission Report but suggested this information relating to the goals of our space program should have been at the front of the report given its importance. This opened up our discussion on space goals being about our capability, not a destination.

Broadcast 1160 (Special Edition)

Guest: Dr. Joseph Pelton. Topics: Space tourism, commercial space development, space plane safety, space economics. Dr. Joseph Pelton returned to The Space Show today to discuss his new book published by Apogee, "License To Orbit: The Future Of Commercial Space Travel." His co-author was Peter Marshall from the UK. This book is available at most book stores and online sites, including Amazon and the One Giant Leap Foundation website.

Broadcast 914 (Special Edition)

Guest: Michael Potter, documentary film maker, was the guest for this show to talk with us about his new documentary film, "Orphans of Apollo: The Battle of the Mir & the New Space Revolution" (see for more information). Mr. Potter told us the story of his documentary, the origin of the name "Orphans of Apollo," and we spoke at length about the cast of characters involved in working to buy the Mir Space Station from Russia for a commercial venture.

Broadcast 602 (Special Edition)

Don Scott was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. As a former NASA education specialists, Don was able to provide us with first hand field information about space education in schools and with kids and teachers of all ages. His stories and experiences are very valuable and can help us all in our education outreach programs for developing space and properly funding our public space program. In his work, he did many interesting things such as visit schools in Montana with a demo International Space Station (ISS).

Broadcast 244 (Special Edition)

Hu Davis was the guest for this Space Show program. Having worked with NASA and the Apollo program, and now with Starcraft Boosters, Mr. Davis talked to Space Show listeners about the importance of returning to the Moon to stay and why we should be developing lunar resources. Mr. Davis also addressed issues relating to the space vision proposed by President Bush, why we should be more focused on going back to the Moon to stay and develop it rather than on using the Moon as a stopping off or training point for going on to Mars and beyond. We also talked to Mr.

Broadcast 203 (Special Edition)

Dr. Haym Benaroya, professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers University and noted lecturer at national and international space conferences as well as a noted space advocate was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. During the program, Dr. Benaroya discussed the importance of returning to the Moon to stay and going on to Mars. He also talked about the value and need for maintaining the International Space Station and the Hubble Space Telescope.

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