Inspiration and Motivation

Broadcast 1172 (Special Edition)

Guest: Rusty Schweickart. Topics: Planetary defense, Near Earth Objects (NEO). Former astronaut Rusty Schweickart returned to The Space Show today to update us on what is happening with efforts to develop and deploy a planetary protection policy for NEOs. Two websites you should visit for more information on this subject and to follow along with Mr. Schweickart are the Association of Space Explorers ( ) and the B612 Foundation (

Broadcast 907 (Special Edition)

Dr. Roger Launius returned as the guest to The Space Show for this important, interesting, and fun program. We started our discussion asking if NASA itself might find that it is an artifact worthy of being collected by the Air and Space Museum. While this was a tongue-in-cheek question, it took us right to the point about the future for the VSE, NASA programming, its budget, and its programming. Don't miss his response! Listeners asked Dr. Launius several questions about the Smithsonian, their collection, tours, even tours to the undisplayed items.

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