Broadcast 1231 (Special Edition)

Guest: Robert Zimmerman. Topics: Lunar water, Augustine Commission, space policy, climate change and sunspots. Robert Zimmerman returned to The Space Show as our guest for this program. We started the first segment with questions for Robert regarding the recently announced lunar water, Indian Space Agency (ISRO) and MIP reports of lunar water, the IndiaDaily.com article and how all this might impact U.S. space policy in light of the Augustine Commission report.

Broadcast 951

Guest: Dr. David Criswell (Golden Oldie Replay from 12/7/04): Dr. David Criswell spoke to Space Show listeners about the realities of space solar power beamed to Earth, specifically from the Moon. So far this was the most thorough discussion yet on The Space Show for this topic. All aspects of the space solar power issue were examined, including solar power from Mercury, LEO or other orbits above Earth, and the Moon. The benefits, costs, and risks were discussed in detail.

Broadcast 400 (Special Edition)

Eric Westling was the guest for this Space Show program. One field of expertise for Mr. Westling is the space elevator and we began the interview with a comprehensive discussion on the subject. This discussion took us into economics and from there to a discussion about our energy problems, how the space elevator might help resolve them, other possibilities including helium, hydrogen, SPS, etc. We discussed Eric's economic axioms and interested listeners can get a copy of them by sending an email to me.

Broadcast 282 (Special Edition)

Brad Blair was the guest on The Space Show today, discussing lunar development, hydrogen, HE3 issues, ISRU and more. I pointed out to Mr. Blair some of the controversy surrounding hydrogen and HE3 and asked for his take on the varying points of view. Early in the show, Mr. Blair, when talking about living off the resources of space, specifically the Moon, the issue of animals for feed and pets came up. Mr. Blair's comments on this topic were most interesting.


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