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Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret.) was a NASA Astronaut and is the author of REFLECTIONS from Earth Orbit. Captain Scott entered Naval Aviation Officer Candidate School after graduation from Florida State University in December 1972. He completed flight training in fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft and was designated a Naval Aviator in August 1974. He then served a 4-year tour of duty with Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light Thirty Three (HSL-33) at the Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island, California, flying the SH-2F Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS) helicopter. In 1978 Scott was selected to attend the Naval Postgraduate School at Monterey, California, where he earned his master of science degree in aeronautical engineering with avionics. After completing jet training in the TA-4J Skyhawk, Scott served a tour of duty with Fighter Squadron Eighty Four (VF-84) at NAS Oceana, Virginia, flying the F-14 Tomcat. In June 1986 Scott was designated an Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer. He served as a production test pilot at the Naval Aviation Depot, NAS Jacksonville, Florida, flying the F/A-18 Hornet and the A-7 Corsair aircraft. He was also assigned as Director of the Product Support (engineering) Department. He was next assigned as the Deputy Director of the Tactical Aircraft Systems Department at the Naval Air Development Center at Warminster, Pennsylvania. As a research and development project pilot, he flew the F-14, F/A-18 and A-7 aircraft. Scott has accumulated more than 4,000 hours of flight time in 20 different military and civilian aircraft, and more than 200 shipboard landings. Additionally, Scott was an associate instructor of electrical engineering at Florida A&M University and Florida Community College at Jacksonville, Florida. Capt. Scott was selected by NASA in March 1992, and reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1992. He served as a mission specialist on STS-72 in 1996 and STS-87 in 1997, and has logged a total of 24 days, 14 hours and 34 minutes in space, including 3 spacewalks totaling 19 hours and 26 minutes. Capt. Scott retired from NASA and the U.S. Navy at the end of July 1999 to accept a position at his alma mater, Florida State University, as Vice President for Student Affairs. Capt. Scott is now Dean of the College Aeronautics at Florida Tech.

Broadcast 1018 (Special Edition)

Guest: Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret.), former NASA Astronaut, returned for this Space Show program to discuss his "Win An Afternoon with Winston E. Scott, The Astronaut" contest. When a school buys his book, "Reflections From Earth Orbit", they enter the contest to win Capt. Scott for an afternoon. Capt. Scott will come to the school to talk with the students about space. Parents, grandparents, and others can buy and donate his book to the school and enter the school in the contest. The contest ends Oct. 31, 2008.

Broadcast 365 (Special Edition)

Winston E. Scott (Capt. USN Ret.) NASA Astronaut and author of "REFLECTIONS From Earth Orbit" was the guest for this Space Show program. Capt. Scott began the interview by telling us about the Discovery launch this morning which he covered for MSNBC. After describing the launch in some detail, the cameras and equipment on Discovery, we turned to discussing his book. This book is not a typical space or astronaut book as it is told through the memories of Capt. Scott, prompted by events that occurred during two space shuttle missions as a NASA astronaut on board both Endeavour and Columbia.

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