William N. Hulsey

William Hulsey III is a highly-developed specialty attorney in electronics, aeronautical and astronautical sciences and technologies. Bill Hulsey applies his twenty years of experience and achievements in protecting and licensing clients' intellectual property through U.S. and international patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing, and enforcement proceedings. He has drafted and prosecuted more than 600 patent applications in the following areas: nanosciences and nanotechnologies; software and computer technologies; wireless and telecommunications technologies and systems; aerospace and automotive technologies; lasers, photonics, optics, and imaging technologies; energy technologies and power systems; and semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and fabrication equipment technologies. In addition, he has developed and implemented complete intellectual property protection and licensing programs for numerous companies. One such example is a laser technology development effort supporting a critical jet aircraft competition for Lockheed Martin, which technology served as a key competitive distinguisher in its successful bid for the $200 billion Joint Strike Fighter contract, the U.S.’ largest ever defense contract. Bill served as a principal outside intellectual property legal counsel for Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems during major phases of Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) competition with Boeing Aerospace. Through this work and representing other aviation and aerospace companies, he possesses a specialty in aerospace and aeronautics technology commercialization and related intellectual property legal and business aspects. Mr. Hulsey has expertise in general business and legal counseling and negotiation for clients, including start-up and emerging growth companies in the Austin, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and Rochester, NY areas, as well as multi-national companies within and outside of Texas. He has negotiated and settled intellectual property ownership disputes, such as one between one of the nation's largest telecommunications service providers and one of the world's largest manufacturers of telecommunications switching equipment. He has also played a leading role in patent litigation involving eight patents owned by one of the nation's largest integrated circuit manufacturers against one of the nation's largest personal computer manufacturers. Bill has prosecuted and led infringement analysis efforts for fundamental, industry-defining patents protecting the market position of an Internet infrastructure company which, at the time of going public, generated the fourth greatest immediate share price rise in history. He has also established numerous intellectual property protection programs, including one for a newly public electronic commerce company having a market valuation of over $20 billion. Bill is the author of Intellectual Property Creation and Management for Semiconductor and Related Industries, a major work of 30 hours of streaming video courses providing intellectual property education and training, through Stanford University Center for Professional Development/Semizone, Inc. ( www.semizone.com).. Mr. Hulsey has been recognized as an outstanding speaker and writer on intellectual property matters as they relate to space and aerospace technologies, particularly as such concerns affect our nation’s Vision for Space Exploration articulated in 2004 by President George W. Bush and now being pursued by the U.S. and international commercial space industries.

Broadcast 463 (Special Edition)

William Hulsey was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Hulsey, as an expert attorney in intellectual property, put for the case for developing space intellectual property rights. He very thoroughly explains why this is important, what intellectual property rights mean for commercial space development and above all, why the time is right for developing these laws and rules now, rather than after commerce has begun. You will certainly find this discussion informative and compelling.

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