William Larson

Bill Larson's career as a communicator, broadcast journalist and news staff manager and writer spans more than four decades. In positions with radio and TV stations throughout the US, Bill has been responsible for the direction of news staff personnel and the complete supervision of news coverage. Bill distinguished himself with his expert broadcast reporting of America's space program during the 1960s and 70s. He covered every launch at Cape Kennedy and Kennedy Space Center from the first Gemini launch through the moon landing of Apollo 11. He was one of the first reporters to break the story of the Apollo One fire. During his following ten years at ABC News in New York he anchored the broadcasts of all manned launches from KSC except for his live network "pool" coverage of "splashdown" recoveries in the South Pacific. He reported from aboard the carriers New Orleans and Ticonderoga for 2 Skylab missions and Apollo14. Serving as ABC co-anchor with Merrill Mueller, Bill provided continuous coverage of the second inaugural of President Nixon. Bill also anchored approximately 25 network radio news broadcasts per week on the ABC Radio Network. In 1980 Bill moved to Chicago and opened his own consulting firm providing executives with the skills needed to capture the attention of an audience and to work effectively with the news media. His clients included numerous Fortune 500 companies. He also appeared in several TV shows, movies and local, regional and national commercials. Currently Bill is semi-retired in Florida where he continues to write, co-produce and narrate videos for various production companies and government agencies including NASA, the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and Hall of fame as well the Air Force 45th Space Wing. He was the writer/narrator on the award winning documentary "John Glenn Recalls the Flight of Friendship 7." Check out his website at http://billlarson.tv/bio.html.

Broadcast 1014 (Special Edition)

Guest: Bill Larson (first hour), former news anchor from ABC, was our guest for this very special Space Show television program. Bill started off the program telling us about his history in broadcast journalism, his extensive experience covering the early history of the manned space program, and his perspective as a journalist for the Apollo 1 tragedy where he was one of the first on the scene. You will want to hear what he has to say. He also told us about the parties he attended and the pranks that occurred.

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