Watts Wacker

Watts Wacker is one of the most celebrated and influential minds and futurists in modern business. Mr. Wacker is a lecturer, best-selling author, political commentator and social critic. His uncommon versatility and vision has allowed him to help the world’s top corporations and organizations navigate the sea of change that is taking hold in the new millennium. He has been the futurist at SRI International, the legendary Menlo Park think tank, and spent ten years as the resident futurist at the preeminent social research organization, Yankelovich Partners. As we approach the end of 2003, Mr. Wacker will share his thoughts with us for the commercial space and space development fields for 2004 and beyond. In addition to his ability to understand space now and in the future, he will be bringing to the Space Show important insights, information and trends for other important, timely, and relevant issues. Check out his website for additional information before this show at www.firstmatter.com.

Broadcast 178 (Special Edition)

Watts Wacker, one of the most celebrated and influential minds and futurists in modern business, was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Wacker examines the trends that may lead us to enhanced space development, space tourism, and a even a return to the Moon with humans as well as sending humans to Mars. We talked about what would be required from society as well as government to make these developments happen. We talked about the business of futurism, how it works, what is analyzed and evaluated to determine trends, influences, and impacts upon society and governments. Mr.

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