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WALT ANDERSON - Biographical Information

Walt Anderson has played a major role in the development of the competitive
telecommunications industry in the USA and Europe. He has demonstrated a consistent track
record of creating shareholder value: his four most significant companies were all successful, and
collectively generated shareholder value of approximately US$2.1 Billion.
Mr. Anderson has also been a trailblazer in the commercial development of outer space, both
commercially and through his charitable and educational activities, including the co-founding of
the International Space University in 1988.
In 2007 New Scientist Magazine named him one of the “Top 10 influential space thinkers”.
Current Activity
2013 – now Avealto Limited (London)
Founder and CEO
Walt Anderson founded Avealto in 2013, to finance, construct and operate a fleet of High
Altitude Platforms (“HAPs”) to provide telecom infrastructure services.
Avealto is in the final stages of developing a commercially viable HAP design to provide
telecom infrastructure. Avealto received a Certificate of Airworthiness from the US Federal
Aviation Administration in August 2018 and conducted its first flight of a 28 meter (92 foot) test
vehicle in September 2018. Further testing has been conducted with this half-scale vehicle to
refine the final vehicle design.
Avealto’s baseline HAP vision is of a solar-powered lighter-than-air vehicle which will remain
on-station in the stratosphere at an altitude of 20km (65,000 feet) for missions of several months’
duration. Each HAP will provide services to a circular terrestrial footprint between 240 to 480
km (150 to 300 miles) in diameter. Unlike telecom satellites, HAPs can be recovered for
scheduled servicing and technical upgrades as required. The flexible nature of HAP provisioning
also allows multiple HAPs with overlapping coverage to be co-ordinated for improved
redundancy, capacity and quality-of-service.
The mature global Avealto system will comprise more than 200 unmanned, stratospheric, long
duration telecommunications platforms, providing mobile telephony, broadband
communications, backhaul, broadcasting and hosted payloads. Modular swappable payloads will
be tailored to suit specific locations and markets.
HAPs can provide high quality and low cost internet access to areas all over the world that do not
currently enjoy adequate internet connectivity. HAPs will be solar-powered and, because they
are 1,000 times closer to the customer than geosynchronous satellites, power requirements for
the vehicle and ground stations will be radically reduced, as will latency.
Avealto will operate as a wholesaler, complementing existing terrestrial and satellite
infrastructure, providing rapidly deployable connectivity for rural, remote, maritime,
aeronautical and developing world customers, and integrating seamlessly with existing

Broadcast 1866 (Special Edition)

Guest: Walter (Walt) Anderson. Topics: Walt rejoins the space community after seven plus years & talks about it all! You are invited to comment, ask questions, and discuss the Space Show program/guest(s) on the Space Show blog, http://thespaceshow.wordpress.com. Comments, questions, and any discussion must be relevant and applicable to Space Show programming. Transcripts of Space Show programs are not permitted without prior written consent from The Space Show (even if for personal use) & are a violation of the Space Show copyright.

Broadcast 1237 (Special Edition)

Guest: Walt Anderson. Topics: Augustine Commission, Walt's future plans, legal updates, Mir Space Station and MirCorp. Walt Anderson returned to The Space Show for a series of four fifteen minute telephone interviews from his federal correctional facility in New Jersey. These interviews took place on August 19 and October 2, 2009. During these telephone conversations, Walt updated us on his legal status and the dropping of most of the charges against him by the IRS.

Broadcast 865 (Special Edition)

Guest: Walt Anderson. Walt Anderson returned to The Space Show on three separate phone call interviews from his federal prison to tell Space Show listeners about his space vision , a space vision in general, and its importance for us and our planet. Walt was limited to 15 minutes on each call. The first 15-minute interview took place on Dec. 28, 2007 and the remaining 15-minute interviews took place on Jan. 5, 2008.

Broadcast 708 (Special Edition)

Walter Anderson was our special guest for this one hour interview today. Walt was with us from the Washington, DC jail where he has pleaded guilty to tax charges brought against him by the U.S. Government. He is awaiting transfer to a federal prison where he will serve out the remainder of his term. Walt called The Space Show in three 15 minute segment calls. You will hear background noise from the jail as he is using a public phone. Also, his calls are timed to 15 minutes and you will hear the notice of the remaining time left for each call, then the call is simply cut off.

Broadcast 216 (Special Edition)

Walt Anderson, noted space commerce financier, company executive, and businessman, was the guest on this Space Show edition. Mr. Anderson explained how he derived his interest in space and later on his passion for space commerce and investing. Mr. Anderson described many of his space investments and explained why he chose to participate in these companies and in what capacity. Mr. Anderson also shared with Space Show listeners the story of the demise of the Mir Space Station and his efforts to save it through the company he helped create, MirCorp.

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