Virgiliu Pop

Virgiliu Pop is a noted European attorney specializing in space property rights. Mr. Pop was with us from Romania for this interview. Virgiliu Pop, LL.Lic, LL.M, and PhD Candidate is a specialist in space law and policy, writing-up a doctoral thesis at the University of Glasgow on the subject of landed property rights in outer space. He is a lecturer at Lille 2 University in France and is a member of the International Institute of Space Law and of the European Center for Space Law. He published several space law articles in “Space Policy” and in the “Proceedings of the Colloquium on the International Law of Outer Space”, having attended a number of IAF congresses, and is also a contributor on In 1999, Virgil attended the Space Generation Forum of the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space UNISPACE III in Vienna, Austria, where the Space Generation Advisory Council in Support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications was established. He served in different capacities at national and regional level in this organization and attended several events on youth participation in space related activities. He is also a Director in Cosmica network, and during his stay in the UK he was active as an Executive Member in the Space Development Council, the main UK space policy group. Besides space law, he has a strong interest in the general aspects of space exploration, having attended the ESA-sponsored “Space Station Design Workshop” and “Lunar Base Design Workshop”. Virgil is known for his tongue-in-cheek claim for the ownership of the Sun, an original manner of protesting the phony industry of “extraterrestrial real estate”. His dedication for the subject of property rights in outer space and the originality of his articles earned him the interest of the mass media, being interviewed by several publications from Chile to the United States. His new book telling the story of the people selling the Moon and other solar system real estate is now available online at or his own website, The book is titled "Unreal Estate."

Broadcast 452 (Special Edition)

Virgiliu Pop returned to The Space Show for this special program discussing his new boo, "Unreal Estate" about the men and women who have and are selling the Moon and other cosmic real estate. Mr. Pop has done stellar research on this topic and his book is extremely informative and interesting. Many of the characters in the book are hilarious to read about and listening to Virgiliu talk about them on the show was a great experience.

Broadcast 224 (Special Edition)

Virgiliu Pop, a well-known European attorney specializing in space property rights, was the guest on The Space Show for this program. One of the hot topics discussed at length on this show was the sale of extraterrestrial real estate such as property on the Moon, Mars, and throughout our solar system. Several companies do this around the world. Mr. Pop outlined the legal issues that in his opinion make the sale of this real estate OK for novelty purposes but illegal were one to consider it a legitimate, legal, and binding deed to a piece of real estate on the Moon or elsewhere in space.

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