Victor Rozsnyay

Victor Rozsnyay, CEO of Gravity Control Technologies in Hungary. This company recently made headlines when the X-Prize ruled that its approach and technology to alternative launch systems was not appropriate for the X-Prize at this time. Mr. Rozsnyay has over 15 years of high technology and business experience. He lived in the US for 10 years, where he had the opportunity to meet and work with Joe Firmage, former CEO of USWeb. After their meeting Victor managed a $1,200,000 investment which he allocated to Gravity Control Technologies developments. Mr. Rozsnyay was the originator of GCT work, having pursued next generation aerospace propulsion concepts for half his life. Mr. Rozsnyay also co-founded 10Charge LLC, a GCT spin off formed to commercialize 10 minute battery charging technology. During this interview, we will be inquiring about gravity control technologies for alternative space access.

Broadcast 138 (Special Edition)

Victor Rozsnyay joins The Space Show live from Budapest, Hungary to discuss his research and company work in the field of controlling gravity. He explains the implication of controlling gravity for creating cost effective space access to LEO, the Moon, asteroids, Mars, and beyond. Mr. Rozsnyay talks about the theories behind his innovative research and why both he and his researchers believe gravity control to be completely plausible.

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