Victor Kitmanyen

Victor Kitmanyen is a senior Human Factors Psychology student from Houston, Texas. His interests are in space habitability and human health and performance on long-duration exploration missions. Aside from the Spacesuit Operations Lab and Suborbital Space Flight Simulator on campus, Victor is also currently involved in developing Embry-Riddle's Mobile Extreme Environment Research Station (MEERS), a mobile space habitat analogue that will be used to simulate a mission to Mars in order to further study and understand the human factors of a deep-space mission. Victor recently came back from Key Largo, Florida, where he was involved in NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) Mission 21. He was able to experience first-hand the level of training, planning, and operations that go into successfully preparing and facilitating astronauts on a simulated space mission at the Aquarius Reef Base Facility located 60 feet below the ocean's surface. Upon graduating in December, Victor plans on moving back to Houston and continuing on to graduate school.



Broadcast 2746 Dr. Erik Seedhouse & students

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