USAF (Coyote)

Broadcast 959 (Special Edition)

Guests: Col. M. V. (Coyote Smith; Dr. David Livingston: ISDC 2008 Interview # 4 starts off with a quality discussion with Col. M. V. (Coyote) Smith, USAF, regarding the business case potential and the need for developing space solar power. This is a hard-hitting discussion in the hotel coffee shop about what is needed for space solar power to be developed. During this interview, not only do we discuss business case facts, but energy policy, the capability of the private sector to develop a demo project, other nations and their work toward SSP as well as their capability to do the project.

Broadcast 747 (Special Edition)

USAF Col. Michael V. Smith (Coyote) was the guest for this Space Show program. As Chief of Future Concepts of the National Security Space Office, Col. Smith looks forward in time to how best to design and bring to fruition advanced technology that is not yet doable today in 2007. The program today largely focused on Space-Based Solar Power (SSP) and the Feasibility Study he is undertaking, a study which ends Sept. 15, 2007. Later during the show we also talked about launch platforms and the need for RLVs. Col.

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