Umberto Cavallaro

Umberto Cavallaro is the founder and current president of AS.IT.AF (Italian Astrophilately Society) and editor of its quarterly Journal AD*ASTRA (

His professional activity led him to cooperate for many years with ESA, European Space Agency, as an online databases expert. 

Spaceflight historian, he has published several articles and researches in American and European Magazines in Italy, UK, Germany and Czech Republic.

He is author of many books on space history, exploration and development, which were issued by major publishers, both in Italian and in English.

His most recent releases are “The Race to the Moon Chronicled in Stamps, Postcards, and Postmarks. A Story of Puffery vs. the Pragmatic” (2018) from Springer Praxis Books, and “Women Spacefarers. Sixty Different Paths to Space” (2017) from the same publisher.

He is a friend of many former and current astronauts and cosmonauts, including Walter Cunningham  (Apollo VII astronaut) whose book “The All-American Boys he has translated into Italian in 2009, and who in turn forwarded the last book by Umberto “The Race to the Moon.”

For over 10 years he has organized space exhibitions presenting space memorabilia and astrophilatelic exhibits.

He participated in official international competitions and he was awarded with gold medal.

Among his activities, he delivers space presentations and courses to schools and adult education centers.


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