Tony DeTora

Tony DeTora currently serves as Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation.. He has been an Advocate of the Foundation since 1998 and previously served on the Board of Directors from October 2001 until he stepped down to accept his current role. Mr. DeTora has a Masters degree in business as well as undergraduate degrees in aerospace engineering from Embry-Riddle and in theater from Alfred University. He has served on the Board of Directors of ProSpace since 1999 and was named the 2001 ProSpace Activist of the Year. Our interview with Mr. DeTora will address the "alternative space companies" and the coming SFF conference, the SFC 12.

Broadcast 152 (Special Edition)

Tony DeTora, the Executive Director of The Space Frontier Foundation, was the guest on this edition of The Space Show. Mr. DeTora discussed the present status of the commercial space industry, who the participants are in this and other countries. We also discussed the alternative space companies, new launch companies, the regulatory environment and more. In addition, we talked about The Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) conference, March Storm with ProSpace, and how best to influence Congress for a productive space policy. Mr.

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