Tom Wysmuller

Tom Wysmuller forecasted weather at Amsterdam’s Royal Dutch weather bureau after studying meteorology at NYU and Stanford University.  He was selected for a NASA executive internship, working throughout NASA and its directorates before during and after the moon landings. 

Career highlights include:

Administration Director of government operations at Pratt & Whitney (Jet Engines).

Insurance industry executive positions culminating as Board Chair, Delta Dental Insurance of New York.

Producing mathematics used by climate scientists all over the world for analysis and modeling.

Lecturing worldwide (the list is long) on the SCIENCE/DATA needed to understand climate.

Being highlighted in the “50th Anniversary of NASA issue” of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  He also was the meteorologist member of the “NASA 49” & “NASA 41,” Scientists, Astronauts, Engineers and NASA Field Center Directors and Program Managers, seeking to improve NASA’s handling of climate issues.

Chairing the Oceanographic Section of the World Congress of Oceans in Qingdao China, and  “Water Day” at UNESCO-IHE, in Delft,  The Netherlands.

Supporting education by serving as president of NYU’s Alumni Association (all schools).

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