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Timothy Cash

Annapolis, MD 21401 | 410 507-6824 | cash.tim@gmail.com


Objective:   Lead Systems Engineer, focused on reverse engineering solutions to Radio Frequency and Optical Systems problems.  Optical and radio frequency engineering, signal processing, and navigation.  I deliver solutions in systems engineering requiring subject matter expertise in systems engineering, cable and devices across broad applications to deliver top of mind service across diverse challenges in government/industry.




Perform Ground/Space Testing on DoD Weather Satellite, Northrop Grumman.

Deliver systems engineering solutions to DHS for commercial BIO detector system.

Engage DARPA and contractors to investigate DARPA Blackjack effort to develop low cost LEO constellation of satellites for situational awareness processor using machine

learning, AI.  Investigate leads to team with contractors for position as a sub.

Develop a new IFF Transceiver based on FPGA development using Model Based Systems Engineering.

Review requirements to write systems engineering statement of work for new IFF Transceiver.

Support IEEE Software Defined Radio efforts in three workshops

Support IEEE Weather Station Workshop

Simulation of Navigational Aid (DME/VOR) Field Strength levels CONUS-wide (~1000 locations, five altitudes, LAT, LON, Altitude, Field Strength), FAA Spectrum. Establishment of Baseline for DME-DME Navigation backup to GPS, and VOR-MON.

Processed large data files and quantified DME signal in space (MATLAB).

Performed flight tests across multiple VOR sites, generated large data sets, and delivered final report in support of VOR-MON contract.

Performed Interference simulations for LTE Cellular User Equipment and Base Stations affecting satellite down links for Government customer in L-Band, S-Band.  Tools (Visualyse, Excel, MATLAB).

Conducted Ground Station Interference analyses, determination of harmful levels of RFI from LTE cellular network.

Provided contract support (logistics, maintenance) to NASA SCNS contract for the Blossom Point, MD TDRS Ground Station Antenna acceptance tests.

Conducted RF antenna performance characterization measurements, sub reflector polarization measurements in anechoic chamber.

Provided RF Engineering, logistics, and maintenance support to TDRS Ground Station 20 meter (2) and 5 meter (1) antennas, installation support of optical fiber comm links, computing platforms, wireless links and weather station equipment.

Directed baseline test & evaluation and simulated RF wave forms in support of ISO 18000-7 migration.

Supported field test of cognitive RFID satellite gateway tag/reader.

Plan, write test procedures and conduct requirement verification tests.  Drafted statements of work, architecture plans, business development, proposal efforts, concept of operations, baseline test plans, communications diagrams, strategic briefs, and white papers to support satellite and wireless mesh back haul communications architectures.

Provided RF expertise supporting ISO 18000-7 technical reviews, verification testing.

Performed cable/connector assembly validation, logistics & maintenance support.

Conducted MIL-STD-810F (shock, temperature, thermal cycle, radiation, outgas, vibration) testing for International Space Station optical fiber payload logistics support, one month delivery to NASA.

Managed MIL-STD-461 EMC Anechoic Chamber; performed conducted/radiated emissions test on CBRN, other hazard sensors for NASA launch pads.

Performed Multiple Element Integrated Test (MEIT) International Space Station Modules.

Built/tested prototype impedance test set with remote subscriber pair verifier (SPV) for central office.

Installed optical fiber network routes on East Coast first and second tier cities.

Designed, installed, tested, dual ring OC12 private optical fiber network, verified link budgets, bandwidth and availability metrics; maintained circuit database.

Managed prototype All Optical Towed Array (AOTA) marine geophysical streamer cable team, conducted successful sea trial of five sensor array.

Wrote expert system for cable design; verified algorithms against cable test data, matched within 5%.



BA-Physics/Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Physics, University OF Georgia, Athens, GA

Electro-Optics, University of Houston Clear Lake, Houston, TX

Electronic Engineering, University Of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Broadcast 4017 Tim Cash

Guest:  Tim Cash:  Tim went over the known details for the initial Starship demo test from April 20, discussing potential problems, possible remedies and rocket modifications.  Furthermore, Tim talked about his passion in detail, space solar power.  Starship modifications and the potential impact on lunar and Mars timelines were also discussed as was the rocket's acoustic damage at launch to the engines and the pad.

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