Thaddeus R.F. Fulford-Jones

Thaddeus R. F. Fulford-Jones is currently a second-year PhD candidate at MIT in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He is the Payload Engineering Lead for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite, a project to which he has contributed since 2002. Thaddeus holds BA and MS degrees from Harvard University in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Following completion of his Master's degree, Thaddeus was a Visiting Researcher at Hewlett-Packard Cambridge Research Laboratories and an employee of 10Blade, Inc., a startup in Eastern Massachusetts which focuses on wireless medical sensors.

Broadcast 661 (Special Edition)

Erika Wagner, Thaddeus R. F. Fulford-Jones, and Rosie Combs-Bachmann were the guests for this program to discuss the Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project. To learn more about this project, visit the following websites: (1) and (2) Our Mars Gravity Team explained the program in detail to us, answered many questions about the moustronaut planned experiments, and about sending your name or logo to space on their vehicle in 2010.

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