Steve Jolly

Dr. Steve Jolly is the Lockheed Martin Chief Engineer for the Civil Space line of business.  He was the Chief Engineer and Principal Scientist for the GOES-R program and Chief Engineer and Deputy PM for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. He was Program Manager for the Mars Science Lab (MSL) Aeroshell. He has served as a member of EDL systems engineering team and critical events risk process for Phoenix, Stardust and Genesis and served on the National Research Council’s EDL panel. He was chief systems engineer for Mars Sample Return (MSR) and co-inventor of the original concept for the MSL Sky Crane. He has served HEOMD and Orion off and on as an independent advisor and tiger team lead for entry, descent and landing, and most recently for the Mars Base Camp architecture and science mission. He is a 2007 recipient of the NASA Public Service Medal for distinguished service. He is a member of the board of directors for the Space Science Institute (SSI). He has a B.S. in aerospace engineering from CU-Boulder, an M.S. from Florida Tech, and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering sciences from CU-Boulder.

Broadcast 2776 Taped interviews from AIAA Space 2016

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