Stephen Metschan

Stephen Metschan is Founder/President of TeamVision Corporation developer of FrameworkCT. FrameworkCT is a new class of Business Intelligence software focused on improving the early decision process in large complex organizations. Prior to founding TeamVision Stephen Metschan worked for the Boeing company on Advanced Engineering projects for NASA for over ten years. His primary focus was on the integration of Analysis, Design, Manufacturing, Finance, and Marketing teams into a cohesive understand of the problem and solution space for advanced vehicle systems. He graduated in 1989 with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Portland.

Broadcast 893 (Special Edition)

Guests: Ross Tierney, Chuck Longton, Stephen Metschan. Ross Tierney, Chuck Longton, and Stephen Metschan returned to The Space Show for an important discussion about the Direct 2 alternative to the NASA ESAS approach for returning to the Moon. To follow along with this discussion, please visit and up near the top, you will see a link to download this special Space Show presentation material in the format of your choice.

Broadcast 794 (Special Edition)

This is the second and final AIAA Space 2007 program and it features Stephen Metschan, CEO of TeamVision and Rex Ridenoure of Ecliptic Enterprises. Stephen was at AIAA promoting and presenting papers re the Direct 2 program which we have discussed on The Space Show. In this segment, he gives his impressions of what is happening at Space 2007 re Direct 2 and the NASA program, plus he compares and contrasts talks given by Dr. Scott Horowitz and Dr. Michael Griffin here at the conference.

Broadcast 781 (Special Edition)

Ross Tierney, Chuck Longton, and Stephen Metschan were the guests on The Space Show to discuss the DIRECT" Space Transportation System Derivative v2.0. Please visit the DIRECT website at for information, pictures, and details for this alternative system for returning to the Moon. Our three guests explained the origin and the history of the program and what they are doing to have the DIRECT program considered by NASA as the program of choice for returning to the Moon.

Broadcast 677 (Special Edition)

Stephen Metschan, the Founder/President of TeamVision Corporation was the guest for this Space Show program. Stephen and his TeamVision associates have created a detailed alternative plan to return to the Moon, including hardware, launchers, etc. This plan was presented at the AIAA Space 2006 meeting in San Jose in September 2006 and is being refined for additional AIAA presentations.

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