Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz has published numerous books and articles for peer reviewed journals, technical and general circulation publications. He an has worked as a television and film producer for PBS documentaries, regular dramatic series, and many more media projects. Mr. Schwartz wrote speeches and articles for Admirals Zumwalt and Holloway, both of whom were at one time the Chief of Naval Operations. He was also a speech writer for many other well-known people including Richard Nixon, James Schlesinger, and John Warner. Mr. Schwartz publishes the well known and respected Schwartz Report which anyone can subscribe to for free from his website below. His complete bio can be found at For additional information about Mr. Schwartz, check out these websites:,, and

Broadcast 342 (Special Edition)

Stephan A. Schwartz was the guest on this Space Show program. Mr. Schwartz discussed scientific research and remote viewing (RV), applying it to space development as well as other projects and disciplines. Stephan made an important distinction with the type of scientific research with remote viewing that we discussed on the show today with the type of remote viewing that has entered the pop culture world. This distinction is important in understanding the full range of what can be accomplished using RV as a component of scientific protocols.

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