Starr Long

Starr Long has been in the business of making PC games for more than a dozen years. Alongside Richard Garriott, he was the original Project Director for the commercially successful Ultima Online. Starr worked his way up through the ranks of Origin Systems, Inc. starting in Quality Assurance working on Wing Commander, Ultima, and many other titles for Origin. In 2001 Starr teamed with Garriott to start the Destination Games studio in Austin, which was later acquired by Korean gaming giant, NCsoft. Starr’s latest collaboration with Garriott is Tabula Rasa, a sci-fi massively multiplayer online game that released in November last year. As it approaches the game’s one-year anniversary, NCsoft is launching Operation Immortality,, a program that enables Tabula Rasa players and space enthusiasts to participate in having their DNA and personal messages digitized and taken into space when Garriott travels to the International Space Station in October.

Broadcast 1007 (Special Edition)

Guests: Richard Garriott and Starr Long were the guests for this very special Space Show program. Mr. Garriott was with us from Star City, Russia where he is currently training for his Soyuz launch to the ISS on Oct. 12, 2008. Starr Long joined us from Seattle, Washington. During this program, Mr. Garriott explained why he wanted to go to space and the ISS, his experiments that he will be performing, and his interactive participant program for those of us here, Operation Immortality (please visit www.operationimmortality for more information).

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