Sir Charles Shults

Sir Charles Shults III worked at Martin Marietta Aerospace for 10 years on weapons systems and computer based automated test equipment. He wrote the nuclear EMP test software for the Pershing II missile system, worked on Patriot, the Copperhead tank killer, and Advanced Attack Helicopter systems. Charles has performed research under grant on nuclear fusion, was knighted and received a long term grant for his present research in robotics and artificial intelligence. He has written many technical publications and magazine articles on space, astronomy, the atmosphere, and space resource development. In addition, Charles has also appeared on several TV and radio programs.

Broadcast 517 (Special Edition)

Sir Charles W. Shults III returned for this Space Show program. Sir Charles began the interview talking about new fossil discoveries on Mars, how he identifies the fossils, the source NASA photography, and what it means for finding fossils on Mars. He even addressed why this information is not discussed by NASA or JPL at this time. As part of this discussion, we talked about various salts and water on Mars, the atmosphere, and color photography showing us what we think are realistic colored photographs of the Red Planet.

Broadcast 433 (Special Edition)

Sir Charles Shults returned to The Space Show to discuss Mars findings in some depth. However, before getting underway with the Mars information, given the fusion background of Sir Charles, the program kicked off with an update of where we are with fusion reaction, reactors, research, and what is ahead for the near-term regarding fusion. You will want to hear this fusion update if you are at all interested in the subject. After the fusion update, we turned our attention to Mars.

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